bringUthere Global Holdings Sdn BHD (Formally known as PayungJingga Sdn BHD) is in 2020 registered as a Malaysian Business Entity.

Among other holding activities and specialties such as Transition and Revitalization of SME Businesses we are developing/marketing/trading brands as for examples,

Malaysia Holistic Asia (2022) -

Health Travel MHTC (2023) -

Bob Gadang (2023) -

bringUthere Its capital is shared by Malay individuals (75%) and backed by foreign investment capital (25%).

We value ICARE Principles to a great degree and it reflect in all of our actions. The words 'Inspired, Collaborative, Accountable, Respectful and Enterprising', all mean a great deal to all of us here and we are determined to let show in all that we do here at

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We warmly welcome you to Malaysia Holistic Asia!

bringUthere as Goodwill Ambassador of Malaysia Holistic Asia invites people and organizations worldwide who not only want to enjoy but also want to recover and learn from Malaysia Holistic Asia as it is applied, moreover like to bring knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of principles and methods that take Malaysia and the world a step further in a higher quality and inclusive sustainable living and working environment.

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Health-Travel Engineers

bringUthere Travel is a business unit of bringUthere Global Holdings Sdn Bhd with registered seat in Kuala Lumpur, holding Representative Offices in Singapore, The Netherlands and Germany. 

 Bridging the world to Malaysian Hospitals and Specialists, Dental Clinics and Wellness Centers. 

Outstanding quality for an affordable price!

Our dedicated Overseas Representatives, among other Professionals of, do have vast knowledge and relevant experience in the Healthcare (Travel) Industry, stand by the concept of Malaysia Holistic Asia and are dedicated to the sake of fellow human beings ​and the world we are living in and will never give in but for the good cause only.

bringUthere is an Affiliated member of MHTC

Malaysian Health Travel Council of Malaysia (MHTC) is an initiative of the Ministery of Health and supported by a wide range of Ministeries and Agencies. 

This relationship put bringUthere among players in top of the Tourism Industry in Malaysia and gives access to the leading (public and private) healthcare and tourism bodies, organizations and entrepreneurs.  

Consultants and Coaches

bringUthere, stands for eventually turnaround and implementation services to companies and institutions that are classified in the category Malaysian SME and (government) institutions that exert a major influence on companies and consumers.

With views to the primary internal/ external communication issues that professionals and organization want to answer, bringUthere focuses on ways that enable clients to strengthen their stakeholders and client base, to expand their market position. 

To achieve greater ease of operations by applying mechanism that operate underlying processes efficiently and drive higher return on operational (time) costs.

bringUthere explicit it looks at clients their circles of suppliers and service providers with the expectation that the entire chain will become 'lean and mean'.

At bringUthere we believe in leveraging the beautiful cultural wealth Malaysia has in order to foster a positive change to its people. Stand alongside us in our efforts to break down socio-economic barriers and widen bringUthere's reaches to all walks of life regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Education Supporters

" bringUthere, offers consultancy, guiding and educational support to personal and professional developing needs of individuals and found its home in Malaysia.

bringUthere is a collection of curious individuals, professionals but passionate about humankind with all of the cultural 'homes' to find on this planet. It's there for a thrill to study science, math, and technology as to understand our endless love for people and in extension the industry better, thus, to get the best out of (Business) relationships.

What else we expect from ourselves than giving the best of us to you, the one who is the strength of the chain that hold humankind together?

Healthy work-live environment

Our hybrid workplaces model mixes in-office and remote work to offer flexibility/support to our employees and business partners. They enjoy more autonomy and better work-life balance and are more engaged as a result. 

Under the wings of bringUthere Holdings Sdn Bhd, an intranet site has been made available that makes cross border information available at the right time and enables everyone to contribute at the right time to a team that represents the interests of to serve the client optimally.

In pole position

bringUthere is well connected in Malaysia and has obtained strategist and beneficial relationships with relevant Ministries and Government led agencies.

As an involved player, we are -among a selection of players- in pole position of gaining in earliest decision making stages of products and or services demands, key information and support from leading authorities.

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Your Pathway to a Healthy Business-Life!

With the most advanced tools that the industry has to offer, we do our best to get you the solution that you need. We are a multi- disciplinary team made up of Economists, Accountants, Administrators, Business Analysts and much more who operate in perfect synergy. we do our best to get you the solution that you need.

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